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AIDS CONCERN CHARITY AUCTION 2016 – Thoughts as your art goes up for Live Auction!

I just want to reiterate how pleased I was at last night’s Aids Concern Charity event, which was far above my expectations. My donated artwork ‘Rapture, No. 2’ was sold during the Live Auction component.
Sitting at my table along with the other artists, namely Nic Gaunt and Bex Gaunt, whose photograph was auctioned off above their retail price at $44K! (A hearty congratulations to them!) I could see that Bex was a bit teary when hugs were being exchanged.
Then my piece came up to the stage… I was at nerves wondering if anyone would bid. And for what felt like an eternity, someone put in the first reserve bid of $10,000. Seconds passed (which again felt like another eternity…), and someone bid $12K. Suddenly, the bids went higher.. 14K, 16… when Peter Sargant went to the stage and said a few words taking me back in time to when we first met and of the conversations we had. It really touched me. He passed the mic back to MC… and the bids went up, reaching 20K, 22K and finally, 24K! The gavel went down and it was SOLD!
At that moment, I was in disbelief at just what happened. I went to the back room to where the artworks were on display to try to find out who the bidder was, but I don’t think they knew who it was still. The website just indicated ‘Anonymous’.
Towards the end of evening as I was going to the after party, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was someone I knew from long ago. He said rather nonchalantly that he just bought my painting. I was thrilled to know who the owner was; I knew the painting would be going to a good home. Thank you Anonymous! It means a lot to me.
It is the first time in all my years in Hong Kong, that my artwork has been shown and auctioned at such a large charitable event. It is for a cause that I am deeply connected to, meaning AIDS. I grew up during the time when the disease was running rampant in Toronto — exactly at time when I was just coming out. It was a very confusing time for me then. Friends, very young were dying and know one knew what was the cause. It is why I support various AIDS charities. I do not have the financial means to offer money, but this was the best thing to happen where I felt my art made could kind make some kind of difference.
Thank you Aids Concern: Andrew Chidgey, Frankie Fan, Jennifer Chan, and Marco Wong.
For more about Aids Concern in Hong Kong:

Pencil drawing: Levitation, No. 2

A quick zoom in and out of pencil drawing “Levitation, No. 2”. Completed while listening to music by Marc Poppcke – Breakable (Namatjira Remix) https://youtu.be/mihEZUgtN84.

If you look closely, you’ll get a slight 3D effect, although it is all 2D on Acumen card paper stock.

In the event that you might be interested in this particular artwork, yes it is available. Just contact me through my website shown below.

To see my artwork: http://normyip.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/normyip
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/normyip/


The Making of Pulsation, No. 8

High speed video clip of me creating Pulsation, No. 8, a painting akin to the work of the Abstract Expressionists and perhaps some of the ideology that were suggested by the Surrealists Automatism. Throughout the creative process, there is a balance between perceived chaos and definitive control. My colour selection is thought out and nearly calculative, yet the application of paint to canvas is somewhat arbitrary and gestural. This gestural movement is learned, but from the point of letting go, versus detailed formalism.

Credit is owned to the background music, of which I have borrowed from a podcast which inspires me to do the work that I do. Playing is Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy, No. 157.

To see more of my paintings: http://normyip.com
Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/normyip
Instagram ID: normyip
I welcome enquiries on the work that I do.

Pulsation Exhibition by Norm Yip

Pulsation Exhibition - IG.jpg

TREE OF LIFE presents: 

PULSATION by Norm Yip | 葉灃

Recent Paintings & Drawings
Opening on 12 August 2016, 7-10pm
Live Demonstration* at 8pm
Exhibition continues until 31 August 2016

Tree of Life, 36 Eastern Street,
Sai Yin Pun, Hong Kong

Open daily 10am – 8pm
T. +852 9220 0803

T. +852 68388948

PULSATION is the beat of the heart; pulsation is the beat of the city; pulsation is the beat of the Earth; pulsation is the beat of the universe. It is the dance of negative and positive energy in synch with each other. Ever since Norm Yip decided to pursue his interest in art and creativity, his investigations in art and consciousness has brought him closer to the work of the Abstract Expressionists. Pulsation is part of the ongoing evolution of Norm’s art: organic, yet mediating between control and freedom in the traditional form of painting and drawing.


*Norm will demonstrate how he creates one of his vibrant ‘Pulsation’ paintings, a task he says, is both challenging and easy at the same time. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tree of Life: http://treeoflifehk.com/
Norm Yip: http://normyip.com/

Evolution of a painting: from start to completion

Painting to me is really the most difficult of all the three mediums I have worked with. There is a huge amount of fear as I approach the white canvas. I recall the first time I started to paint, I bought 2 bottles of red wine to help loosen me up. By the end, I finished the 2 bottles and looked at 4 small paintings that I quickly decided was garbage (the next day). It was so hard, but it broke the edge and fear in me. My largest pieces at the time were around 3 x 4 feet, and then I moved onto larger works. Every time I move to a large canvas I get nervous, because I am feel like I have to make something ‘great’, and that is a lot of pressure. This is why many times, I will put anything onto the canvas at the very beginning. Anything. Crap. Just put something down on that canvas, cause nothing can be worse that what I’ve thrown down. Then work from that stage. At some point during the process, I will return to the same feeling again. It’s very normal to do so, but I just keep going. This is the hardest part because I literally HATE the artwork in front of me. And luckily, for this artwork, something came out and gave me direction as to what to do, and I worked on it longer. Even last night, I was really unsure of the piece, and I told myself. Wait until I see it in the daytime; it might look different. Well… there you go. Windows of Memory, No. 3 is complete and dare I might say, it’s pretty good.

My website: http://normyip.com
To buy the artwork: http://saatchiart.com/normyip

Norm Yip reveals 3.AM at the March Tongzhi Literary Group Meeting

Several months ago I was invited to speak at the Tongzhi Literary Group, an organization that aims to bring gay and lesbian writers and speaker to the forum for informal talks and discussion on the written medium. For the month of March, both myself and two speakers, Timothy Loo and Lap Capistrano took to the helm. I spoke about my newly published book The Asian Male – 3.AM, showing a visual slide presentation of images that appear in the edition; meanwhile Tim and Lap spoke about the aims of Plug Magazine and it’s efforts and obstacles in putting together a publication with virtually no funding. Special thanks to Gregg Schroder for inviting me, Andrew Ashley for the wonderful introduction, Andy Xie for helping me with the event and taking the event photographs. Of course, a very special thanks to everyone that came to hear me talk about my work.

Looking for realness

Realness. Is there such a thing such as this? Being in front of a camera implies a facade to who you are, and who you are is a very nebulous area. Most of the time, when I ask people to just be themselves, they don’t know what that means, but perhaps we can come just a bit closer to our authentic self, without an ego that tries to be this or tries to be that. It’s very easy for me to see when a person is putting on a show for me, in particular the professional fashion models whereby they are required to perform an act for the camera, so as to sell a product. But here is where the difficulty arises.

My Asian male photographs are devoid of clothing, devoid of coverup whereby the human body is exposed and thereby the form and physique plays a primary role as a means to expression. Then of course, the face and the expression if it is shown, then becomes vitally important. The realness is inescapable; the body is bare. In Hong Kong, nudity and sexuality is still taboo; the local people are still very inhibited and conservative. Hong Kong is a close-knit family city of 7 million plus inhabitants in a very small area of land. Our private space is very small, and well guarded. I digress.

In the set of images I have selected from a shoot I took of Wilfred several months ago, I wanted to shoot him without a backdrop and tungsten lighting. I thought I could get something from him that was less posed and more real, and I think I got it in a few of the photographs selected here. There is no retouching of the images, nor have there been any cropping.

3.AM Book Launch Party Pics

Putting a book together is no small task, and as they say, the real work comes after the book is printed and published. You need to get the word out. So my first little event was the book launch of The Asian Male – 3.AM, which was held at the quaint and hip Culture Club this past Thursday. Attended by fans and new faces, and including several models from the book, it was a blast. Thank to everyone that came and showed their support.

For those in the dark about what the book is about, it’s my third photography book using the Asian Male face and body as my chosen subject. Mostly all the images are of the nude, exemplifying the beauty and sensuality of the male form. There is a touch of fashion, some erotica and bondage images. To get a sense of the work that I do, you can see some images at http://theasianmale.com, but I’ll post some shots later. The work is very personal and I’m more classically trained as far as my approach to how I see and capture an image. I’m not fond of overly manipulated (photoshopped) images, but on the rare occasion.

Grinding the midnight oil on color proofs and preparing files for my 3rd photography book.

Color proofs in preparation for the publicaion of The Asian Male 3.AM -- Photography by Norm Yip.
My color proofs, as printed on my Canon Pro 1.

The last few weeks I have been working on my usual night time hours, where there is silence and darkness outside and around me. I have spent the entire day working on printing up my own set of color proof on my Canon Pro-1, using a semi-gloss paper that I find very pleasing to my eye. This is all in preparation for tomorrow, where I will eventually be passing the PDF files to my printer.

I had previously announced that I was printing 100 pages, but the numbers have risen up to 112. It is primarily due a change in layout. In my initial design for 3.AM, I allowed for text to appear alongside the image, so that one could read something about the image more readily. This is not the same as in my first 2 books, where I placed the image descriptions at the back of the book. I decided in the end to follow the same format as my original books, so now the descriptions are at the back, taking up 7 pages.

I have also included several more models than in my campaign. Now I have a total of 41 models, making this the most ambitious book of the 3. And after printing out the proofs, it makes me feel very happy to see the images become alive and real, tangible in the form that it can be picked up, framed, or torn in half if one so desires. The image can now co-exist in another reality or dimension within the world we live.

Color proofs in preparation for the publicaion of The Asian Male 3.AM -- Photography by Norm Yip.
My rather messy table, but it works!

Some people have asked me where they can pre-order the book. Unfortunately, I have not set up a site for pre-order at this time, apart from the Indiegogo campaign, which is now closed. The best time to get the book will be once I have the books physically printed, which should be within the next few weeks. It takes about 3 weeks for the entire process of files to actual delivery.

And as for the date of the book launch, it will be on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, coming up very soon.

A few shots of Wei from 2006



I thought I would post a few images that are in my archives. Here are 3 photographs of Wei, which were taken back in 2006. With hardly a body to speak of but the willingness and spirit to let me photograph him during his budding youth, I was pleased to have him in front of the camera. The photograph of him that made it into the Asian Male – 1.AM book was the one below. Wei_0011awtmk