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Abandoned place; abandoned me….

A few days ago I posted several images from a shoot I took at an abandoned school here in Hong Kong. The series is called Children still play in Kwai Chung. The photographs were of window openings from the inside of the schoolrooms looking out to the outside. What I wrote in my description was the following:

“Abandoned places can be frightening places, but this one felt very much alive because of the new found graffiti that adorned the walls of the building, reminding me of a modern day carnival or amusement park. A child could play here freely. Entering the empty rooms though, I found a quiet beauty inside, mixed and layered with chaos, art, nature, the decaying walls and myself.”

Here are few of the images:

Then this morning, it dawned on me that the photographs were more than the above description. It was a clear reflection of how I was feeling about life at the present time. Recently, I feel like I’m divorced from the world. I am on the inside and it’s dark/lonely; meanwhile everything else is out there. The graffiti on the walls are like my own creativity, I’ve felt like I have been suffocating the past few months. The paying work has been scarce and I have turned inward in my own little bubble, my studio.

There were times when I would get exceedingly depressed, but this was more so the case before my own awakening. I could control (or at least understand) my own situation in life. My awakening allowed me to witness my self and my feelings from a far off vantage point. I have become, in a certain way, numb to life and existence on this plane of consciousness.

I feel most alive when I draw, paint and photograph from my soul. I get lost in the moment, and everything seems to be completely fine. There is nothing wrong; no pain, no suffering, no fear, no anxiety. Sometimes, I do not eat nor drink in those moments of intense being. But these kind of moments are dangerous when one needs to pay the rent and bills, the stuff that the pragmatic world requires of us to deal with. That is when I panic and have anxiety about how to get by in this world at the mature age of fifty-three.

The photographs in the abandoned school are trying to tell me something… You see, the window openings I found at the site are completely open, free to pass through.

To see the entire series: Children still play in Kwai Chung



Quick Sampler of The Asian Male – 3.AM Book


So above are a few sample pages from The Asian Male – 3.AM book. It’s a 9 x 12″ hard-cover edition consisting of 112 pages, and printed on 200gsm matt art paper, relatively thick so it has a nice feel to it when flipping from one page to the next. The book cover is black with gold-foil stamping, which I think looks very sophisticated. The book was printed here in Hong Kong and I’ve sent a small shipment to my wholesaler in the USA, who will then be taking in orders from bookstores. If you want your bookstore to stock the book, just let them know the ISBN number, which is 978-988-98259-6-6. I think by the time Christmas rolls around, the books will be available, or I hope so. I’m in the process of getting the books onto Amazon.com, to which they have to approve first.

For those in a rush to buy a copy, you can order the book directly from me by going to the following link: http://theasianmale.com/theasianmale3am/
Just click on the Buy Now button at the bottom, but choose your location first.