Current Patrons & Supporters

[Updated 08 July 2014]


Your help in making this book happen is greatly appreciated. Every dollar that comes in goes toward the publication, which, if all goes as planned, will be in print by the end of next month, July 2014.



Gold Patron:

Silver Patron:
Philippe Fromaigeat

Bronze Patron:
Amiad Horowitz
Patrick Keen

Visible Supporters:
Wilfred Wong
Noel Peter Tan
David Cornado
John Dallaghan
Darrick G. Sampson
Bradley Wadsworth
Kevin R Evans
Dave Junkmann
Dr Simon Obendorf
Adrian Wong
Des Hurst
John Yip
Tommy Godbold
Joseph Moone
Cheng Chung Hang
Josh Kim
Brian Moore
Roger Dubois
Sean Kok
Mark Penny
Nuo Lai
Mark Wheeler
Andrew McLaughlin
Alan Mak
Mark A Oliveri
Nigel Tsang
Benjamin Tsui
Ken Lauritano
Felix Tham
Geoff Annabel
Chris Hansen
Christopher Chua
Tim Cribb
Marc Rubinstein
Carlos Baez
Barry Hagglund
John Roeleveld
Scott Tsui
Jonathan Karesh
Claude Gauthier
Anna Murrill
Dennis Berger
Ben Lau
Peter Dominic Duffy
Awi Curameng
Jim Vivyan
Juston Tam
Brian Kordelski
Thomas Romer
Peter Marshall
C J Stevens
Andrew Coggins
Aries C K Chau
Patrice Freymond
Andrew Tee

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