About this Blog

Originally, this blog was intended for the proliferation of latest book The Asian Male – 3.AM, which was financed through Indiegogo.com last summer. It was an experience that I found invaluable to my work, and I’m thrilled to see that the book is now a reality and is available on Amazon.

Now that the campaign is complete, I have continually added material to this blog announcing the various photographic projects/shoots I have had with Asian guys in Hong Kong and surrounding area. It’s been a very nonetheless a very exciting time for me and I continue to meet new guys to shoot. However, my feeling about the blog is that keeping this blog relating to the Asian male shoots is rather limiting; I have more to say, and hence this blog will become the sounding board for my creative work in all aspects of my artistic endeavors, which includes painting and drawing. It’s all a part of the process. I have thoughts about art and creativity and this is where I will entertain my ideas, and hope you will gain something from the words.

For those that are unfamiliar with me, I grew up in Canada, in the province of Saskatchewan, where I was a visible minority, a Chinese living in a small town where I could count the number of Asian families on one hand. I studied both fine arts and architecture and lived in Toronto for 10 years before making the move to live in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, I worked as an architect for nearly 5 years, but found that my deeper interest was in photography and art.

Photo credit: Marcus L
Photo credit: Marcus L

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