Selfless shameless self-promotion of MOXIE ASIA magazine. I have to get the word out to the world that this exists, and hopefully, it will become a big hit to everyone. So please, if you like MOXIE, do let friends know about it.


MOXIE 02 - COVER.jpg
MOXIE 02 now available free at


MOXIE 02 features the masculine and sensual Pop Yeung, a Taiwanese man whose brooding looks are captured by Norm Yip. Adam Photography from Indonesia is MOXIE’s first contributor and offers to us Rony, a stunningly handsome man whose hunky body is a feast for the eyes. Have you ever wanted to know how an affluent businessman operates on a daily basis? THE ROSS FILES is just that: a sneak-peek at where he hangs out and who he hob nobs with. Finally, Malaysian model Derek Chong (a.k.a @greendo) and his adorable cat owns the cover page. Styled by Patryk Chaou and photographed by Norm Yip.

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Instagram: @moxieasia
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