Hes – Color Halftones

Some fun and colorful images of Hes, a young Hong Kong guy with a nice manly physique. Rather than posting up normal looking images of him, I decided to turn these into something more colorful, yet still with a color palette that is still cool and sophisticated. Great posing by Hes, who seemed quite natural in front of the camera.

If you are interested in being photographed by me, please enquire directly at nwy@normyip.com for packages.

8 thoughts on “Hes – Color Halftones

    1. Hey BAP (sorry I don’t seem to recall seeing your name in your blog). Yes, I was just having some fun making Hes’ photographs look cool. I think it works nice on him cause he’s got this rough moody look. — Norm

      1. Okay, I understand now, and hence, the shades. I do have exhibitions here in Hong Kong, but mostly privately. Unfortunately, my photographs of Asian guys don’t generate many sales although there is an interest in the photography. I had a show in Zurich last fall and the response/interest was better. It makes sense because Asians would be seen as more exotic in the West. I am looking to show anywhere outside of Asia.

      2. My guess is that you might do better in international cities or places that are more sex and body positive. Have you looked at SF at all? I mean your photos are really good, and straight, LGBTQ, or alien, everyone can/should appreciate that!

      3. I haven’t looked into SF recently. Years ago, I sent a few galleries my info. They never replied back. I could try again, now that I have more material. It’s better to get to know a gallery through a connection than an email. I’m sure galleries get swamped with artists looking for a show.

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